We appreciate your donations of any size,  even if you are unable to help us out with driving or sorting books. We always need books.  We have expenses for the incorporation fees, outreach mailings, occasional Facebook advertising and to purchase of books to fill  'gaps'  in our donations.

Every donation will be used for these purposes.  We are a fully volunteer association of book lovers who want to promote reading.  Our drivers, organizers, book sorters and web helpers are all unpaid. The website has been donated as a Legacy Site. 

As of September, 2016 we are a 501C3  non- profit charity.  Your donations are therefore tax deductible.  Thank you in advance for passing  on your love of books to children.


We accept donations of new and used children's books (Birth - Teen) to be distributed to our different locations. We are always in need of Spanish Language books, and are also seeking books that represent the populations we serve.


Wooden Crates/Boxes

Usually we start a laundromat with the decorated "Library Box" shown elsewhere, and then once it is established when we can we replace the cardboard with a decorated wooden box.  This spring an Eagle Scout made 30 wooden boxes that we later, and a Girl Scout for her Gold Award project made and stenciled an additional 33 wooden boxes.  Soon we will be ready for additional ones if any of you reading this wish to volunteer!!

LLL bags with replacement books stocked and ready to go.jpg

Reusable Bags

We are seeking donations of reusable bags like those pictures here. These bags serve as an easy way for transport books to various destinations.



We accept donations via PayPal at this time. Please see the link below to donate.